The International Shirdi Airport terminal is constructed on 2,750 square metres of land and it can hold up to 300 passengers per day. Alliance Air, TruJet and Zoom Air are the three airlines flying to and from Shirdi currently. There are four domestic flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad flying out each week. Other cities will also get included in the near future as proposed.

The runway of Shirdi Airport is about 2,500 metres long and its hangar can park up to four aircrafts. Its runway is primarily intended for the Airbus – 320 and Boeing 737 aircrafts. The runway is going to get extended to 3200 metres in the near future for international flights.

Services at Shirdi Airport

  • Information Counter:    Information Counter is available for any passenger query.
  • Baggage services:    The airport has a cloakroom especially for the devotees, where they can keep their baggage.
  • Passes Counter:   There are counters at the airport which provide passes for visiting the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi.
  • Currency Exchange:   You can exchange your foreign currency at Shirdi Airport.
  • Pharmacy:   Pharmacy is available for any emergency medication.
  • ATMs:   There are plenty of ATMs throughout the airport.
  • Child care room:   There are several child care rooms throughout the airport. A complete space to change diapers, feed, breastfeed, etc.
  • Lost & found:   If you lost any luggage or misplace any items, there is lost and found facility available at Shirdi Airport.
  • Disabled services :   Wheelchair rental service is available; please ask to the airport stuff for more information.
  • First Aid rooms:    There are various First Aid Rooms available for emergency medical services .
  • Vending machines:   Vending machines facility is available for snack and drinks.
  • Luggage carts:   Luggage carts are available for hassle free luggage carrying.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection:   There is free Wi-Fi at Shirdi Airport.
  • Telecommunication facilities:    Use either internet, phone or any mean of telecommunication.

There are bus and taxi services available from and to the Shirdi Airport. This airport is just 15 kilometres away from the Sai Baba Temple and the other holy shrines in the city.